Hyperice Vibration Therapy

Move Better with Hyperice Vibration Therapy!

It may seem obvious, but active recovery is not just a “rest” day. Active recovery means you are focusing on the areas of the body that need tending to. You may feel sore in a particular muscle group, tight when you move in a certain direction, or simply stiff.

Resting will help soreness and tightness subside eventually, but WHAT IF you could mitigate these issues faster and more enjoyable?

You can with Beyond Cryotherapy’s Hypervolt Vibration and Percussion Therapy, and the HyperIce Venom Shoulder, Leg, and Back.

What is Percussion and Vibration Therapy?

In the 1960s, astronauts began using whole body vibration platforms to maintain bone density and muscle mass while in space. Positive results were evident and NASA continues to rely on vibration therapy to this day.

The Hyperice products provided by Beyond Cryotherapy use state of the art vibration and percussion technology to help athletes recover and warm up faster, increase range of motion, flexibility and circulation.

Hyperice Vibration technology uses Vibration plus Percussion technology to elicit 4 primary effects on the body that all affect movement:

  • Fascia (myo-fascia): Adding high amplitude and high frequency vibration releases the myo-fasica much faster and more thoroughly than a static tool. The Vyper is designed to unlock and un-knot the fascia, opening up space and pathways for the body’s fluid to move more easily.
  • Fluid: Vibration plus pressure creates tissue compression and tissue friction. Friction causes the tissue to heat up and warm the lymphatic fluid. The vibration also moves the fluid – like a jacuzzi jet- through the body. The heating and movement of the fluid changes the viscosity of the fluid, making it more liquid. This has a lubricating effect on the body’s tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints.
  • Muscles: The high amplitude and frequency vibration combined with pressure relaxes the muscle. In addition, with the Venom back, leg, and shoulder, tissue is warmed, which makes the muscle feel loose and pliable.
  • CNS (Central Nervous System): The CNS is activated around 5 G forces (Vyper is 5-7G). By activating the nervous system, we are improving communication between nerves and muscles. This is important for injury recovery, retraining the nerves and muscles to interact, and during a warm up to enhance performance.


Each Hyperice product has been developed and tested to:
  • Warm and prepare the body for physical activity, including training and competition
  • Accelerate warm up and recovery times
  • Loosen and relax sore and tight muscles
  • Promote circulation
  • Relieve muscle soreness and stiffness
  • Improve range of motion
  • Massage for myofascial release
  • Reduce soreness after physical activity
  • Provide a heated massage

What To Expect

  • Vibration pods featuring three different vibration settings
  • Customized temperature, vibration pattern, and time to your preference
  • Nanotechnology that heats the VENOM
  • Hyperice products within 90 seconds
  • Gentle heated massage lasting 10-20-minutes
Featuring Quiet Glide™ technology, the Hypervolt is a cordless state-of-the-art vibration massage device that helps relax sore and stiff muscles to improve mobility through percussion and vibration therapy. This treatment will range from 5-10-minutes.
Venom Shoulder
The Venom Shoulder is a cutting edge, digitally connected wearable device that combines heat and vibration to warm-up, loosen and relax sore/stiff muscles. Each Venom Shoulder is designed to specifically fit either the right or left shoulder. This treatment is 20-minutes.
Venom Back and Venom Leg
The Venom Back is a cutting-edge, digitally connected, wearable device that combines heat and vibration to warm up, loosen, and relax sore/stiff lower back muscles. This treatment is 20-minutes.

The Venom Leg can be used on the knee, quad, hamstring, and calf. This treatment is 20-minutes.

Hypersoothe is a lightweight topical cream infused with essential oils and natural plant extracts to soothe the body’s muscles and joints. Apply this fresh fragrant topical before/ after physical activity, throughout the day, or during a massage treatment.

When used in conjunction with the Infrared Sauna, a 20-minute massage with the Venom Shoulder, Leg, and/or Back will help you to feel help increase circulation, allowing for better range of motion, and flexibility for quicker rehabilitation and recovery.

Venom Back and Venom Leg

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