Platinum Medallion

Platinum Medallion

Membership Package
Unlimited Infrared Sauna
Unlimited Local Cryotherapy
Unlimited Normatec Compression Therapy
Unlimited Celluma Photo Therapy
Unlimited Hyperice Vibration Therapy
Unlimited Whole Body Cryotherapy
Gold Medallion

Gold Medallion

Membership Package
Four Sessions Infrared Sauna
Four Sessions Local Cryotherapy
Four Sessions Normatec Compression Therapy
Four Sessions Celluma Photo Therapy
4- Sessions HyperIce Vibration Therapy
Eight Sessions Whole Body Cryotherapy
Silver Medallion

Silver Medallion

Membership Package
Two Sessions Infrared Sauna
Two Sessions Local Cryotherapy
Two Sessions Normatec Compression Therapy
Two Sessions Celluma Photo Therapy
2- Sessions Hyperice Vibration Therapy
Four Sessions Whole Body Cryotherapy


Cryoskin Facial

Single Session Cryoskin FacialSingle session$185.00
3-Session Cryoskin Facial$540.00
5-Session Cryoskin Facial$875.00

Cryoskin Slimming or Toning

Single Session Cryoskin Slimming or Toning Single session$350.00
3-Session Cryoskin Slimming or Toning$975.00
5-Session Cryoskin Slimming or Toning$1,500.00

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Single Session Whole Body Cryotherapy Single session$65.00
3-Session Whole Body Cryotherapy$180.00
5- Session Whole Body Cryotherapy$275.00
10-Session Whole Body Cryotherapy$480.00


Local Cryotherapy

Local Cryotherapy Single session$35.00
5-Session Local Cryotherapy$150.00
10-Session Local Cryotherapy$250.00
20-Session Local Cryotherapy$400.00

Pre-Set Infrared Program

Pre-Set Single Person Program

1-Session Pre Set Single Person Program Single session$45.00
5-Session Pre-Set Single Person Program$195.00
10-Session Pre-Set Single Person Program$350.00

Pre-Set Double Person Program

1-Session Pre-Set Two Person Program Single session$50.00
5-Session Pre-Set Two Person Program$275.00
10-Session Pre-Set Two Person Program$500.00

Pre-Set Three Person

"Party" Sauna$60

1 Hour Infrared Sauna

Single Person 1 hour

1- Session Single Person Single session$50.00
5-Session Single Person$225.00
10-Session Single Person$400.00

Two Person 1 Hour

1- Session Two People Single session$80.00
5-Session Two Person$375.00
10-Session Two Person$700.00

Three Person 1 Hour

"Party" Sauna$120

Celluma Light Therapy

Celluma Light Therapy

Single Session Celluma Light Therapy Single session$45.00
6- Session Celluma Light Therapy$240.00
12- Session Celluma Light Therapy$420.00

Normatec Compression

Single 30-Minute Session Single session$30.00
3-Pack 30-minute Session$75.00
5-Pack 30-minute Session$100.00
10-Pack 30-Minute Session$150.00

HyperIce Vibration Therapy

HyperVolt Vibration Therapy Single session$25.00
Venom Back: Warm Vibration Therapy Single session$10.00
Venom Leg: Warm Vibration Therapy Single session$10.00
Venom Shoulder: Warm Vibration Therapy Single session$10.00

Fit 3D Body Scan

Initial Fit 3D 360 Body Scan Single session$30.00
Follow-Up Fit 3D 360 Body Scan Single session$25.00

mSECA Body Fat Analysis

1-Session mSECA Body Fat Analysis $45.00
1-Year Monthly mSECA Analysis$250.00
2-Session mSECA Body Fat Analysis$80.00
4-Session mSECA Body Fat Analysis$140.00

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